About our Logo

About our Logo

The Gorey Family Resource Centre Ltd logo was designed and developed through consultation with young people from Gorey whose ideas and input were then developed and realized by a local Gorey artist.

The logo tries to capture the essence of what the Gorey Family Resource Centre sets out to accomplish.

Gorey Family Resource Centre Logo

The logo shows a child, woman, man and elderly person all holding hands, this represents family and community.
The group of people are surrounded by a tree, the tree’s long branches and roots surround the people and represent the Centre. The trees branches represent the different aspects of the Centre’s work, the letter ‘i’ representing information and services, a book and numbers representing education and learning, musical notes and artist’s palette representing the arts, creativity and social activities.

The roots of the tree run deep underneath the group of people representing the Centre being rooted in family and community. The sun and blue sky in the background represent new beginnings and hope.